PROJECT 2: Remix (Doing and Making)

Stage 1: Rip


Develop a concept based on your thesis topic and render it visually with the constraint of remixing existing material.

Rip – Remix – Burn


In February 2016, the Washington Post characterized the presidential primaries as ‘the most-memed election in U.S. history.’ Funny yet persuasive, “memes are the newest trending tool shaping political contention today” and have become the universal language of the modern campaign thereby influencing voters.

As “memes can be silly, they can be harmless, they can be destructive, they can be extremely serious, and they can be all these things at the same time,” perhaps the time has come to interpret them critically.

Politicians have started meme-ing be it via Instagram or Twitter. The execution of this project is a 3 step journey to the current scenario of the political economy of memes in the U.S.


Memes like Gangnam style have become very famous and are enjoyed by a lot of people. The fact that people enjoy it has attracted politicians like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to start using them to gain their voters’ attention for elections. What happens when these politicians imitate the memes? Stay tuned to find out.



  • to create
  • to copy
  • to remix
  • to own
  • to share
  • to imitate
  • to manipulate
  • to spread
  • to joke


  • 3 stories – 1 narrative
  • Use more than 2 softwares for each case
  • The end result should be in motion (animation/gif/movie)
  • Add personal voice in each of the studies.


Click here for the video: Trumpan Style


Published by parekhhiral10

I am a New York-based communications designer of Indian origin, currently studying the MFA Communications Design at Pratt Institute.

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